Friday, November 19, 2010

I Miss You :: Special Chapter

Though u are not here,

Wherever I go or whatever I do,
I see ur face in my mind,
And I miss u so..

I miss telling u everything,
I miss showing u things,
I miss our eyes,
Secretly giving each other confidence..

I miss ur 'TKD kick',
I miss our excitement together,
I miss everything we share,
I don't like missing u..

I guess that what I'm trying to say,
Is I miss and love u more each day!
It hurts me not to see u,
Or not to know if u're ok..

I want u to know,
That I loved u,
From the first time,
 I saw ur shining face..

And I want u to know,
No matter how many miles,
We may be apart,
U'll always hold a special place,
In my heart..

I miss u so much...


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