Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kesempurnaan Buatmu :: Chapter 15

As the night sleeps,
Half awake in my thoughts,
I shall watch u sleep,
To give u a perfect dream..

As the morning begins,
Half asleep in my dreams,
I shall kiss ur eyes,
To give u a perfect sunrise..

As the winter arrives,
Half covered in a blanket,
I shall wrap u in my arms,
To give u the perfect warmth..

As the rain comes,
Half wet in its drops,
I shall be ur umbrella,
To give u a perfect walk..

As the flower grows,
Half opened from its bud,
I shall hold the thorns,
To give u a perfect rose..

As the colors scatters,
Half dead in red,
I shall paint ur image,
To give u a perfect love...


.:Farah Liyana:. said...

cool blog la.. keep it up okay :)

Chunk Sengal said...

tq ^^
i will insyaAllah..>.<